Hmm. So it’s been a while (like, 3.5 years… I’ve got a job now. It’s not very mentally taxing. So I think about art I’d rather be doing a lot.). I forgot about this place. As usual. I’ve decided I can’t survive without drawing and so will draw at least once a day. So here is yesterday and today.


Ray Gun, the Beginning

Since I have no clue what I’m doing and no plan for doing it, I thought it would be instructive to take some pictures of the process. It would probably be more helpful to put them all together in one post, but we wouldn’t want to be too helpful now, would we?


I drew a pattern on some paper and cut out two pieces of felt. In the process of sewing them together. I have vague plans for lights and shiny things, but haven’t worked it all out yet.

Now I really want a stencil, some blue fabric paint, and lime green pillowcases that actually belong to me. . .

Hippo Pillow


The hippo neck pillow I made my sister. Very nice now that my neck is all owie. Still would be better off going out but the lazy is strong today. I bought some pattern, monkey/dog/cat/something options, changed a bit to make a hippo.


In the past four months, I have made about 15 bracelets. They’re all the same pattern. I can’t be bothered to sort through the thousands of photographs to find them. So here are the other things.


Before I left in June, I made a Texas flag apron for Nowhere.

(Why is this bloody ‘write a post’ box so small? I can’t see the picture to size it!)


A little Toy Society monster.


Arm warmers.


A funny little bug.


And a little panda.

It is sunny – dare I say cloudless – and I should really, really probably get dressed and go outside. (It is probably also cold.) It looks lovely. (Ask me how I feel about the sun again after I’ve been back in Texas for a few months.) I do have errands to run and a giant city to explore. And a novel to write.


So what do I do with my freedom? Cut the legs and side pockets off a pair of cargo pants, sew the side pockets over the regular pockets and, because it was a bit too short and not quite sparkly enough, add a few inches of blue-sequined loveliness. It is shaped a bit oddly, but for a winging-it, trial-and-error, only-the-2nd-piece-of-clothing-(besides an altered t-shirt)-that-I’ve-tried-to-make-thing, it went pretty well.

Now if only I could make all the other things swimming around in my head. By Tuesday.


der Löwe, based on the cow pattern

das Schwein, loosely based on this pattern

Now, I seriously need to Stop Doing This and do my other work. No, really. I think I’ve got fifteen now, that’s enough to review what we learned last week and learn 5 more. Seriously I have soooo much else to do.

I’m sort of in love with the sheep. The giraffe is pretty adorable, too. I used a picture I found to make the giraffe pattern. I made my own pattern for the sheep.

Bunny from a kind of strange pattern. Bunny is creepy and odd-looking and I don’t like it. I sewed it on the outside, like all the rest, but with the machine. It did not work. No, that was not a good idea. If I have time, I’ll make another bunny for class. Or they’ll just deal with creepy-bunny. (I suppose it doesn’t help that I gave it red eyes.)

Factoring in creepy bunny and a previously-made mouse (from this book). . .

. . . I have 14 of 22 animals made. (So what are you doing taking and posting pictures?! It’s lion drawing time!)


der Hund (pattern)

Endlich! Now to sleep and read and, yeah, maybe sleeping isn’t such a great idea. . . but soooo tired. . . so much left to read. Ich habe 10 Tiere gemacht. Yay. Now to finish up my lesson plan and sleeeeeeeeeep.

Seriously, I’ll get something done soon. . .

das Pferd, made from a picture I found here.

Make a dog, read like 100 pages, write tomorrow’s lesson plan. Sure, I can do all that tonight. Why not?

Meine Tiere

der Hahn (pattern)

der Affe

die Schlange (based on this)

der Fisch

die Katze (inspiration)

Two more today and I’ll have ten and I’ll feel a little better about spending so much time making these. Or. . . I could do all the reading I’m supposed to do this week. . .

If I could sew and read everything would be perfekt.